Innovation:  PEMAF-Free Methode (PEMAF –Free)

The face skincare line Porcelain Face Secret 2 von FarFor Princess was specifically developed for a very sensitive skin. This line is based on a unique and innovative production method: PEMAF-Free Method, method that makes it possible to forgo the use of preservative agents, synthetic emulsifiers, mineral oils, products of animal origin and fragrances in the cosmetic production. The latest findings in today’s skincare research were necessary to create this production method resulting in products prevent the so-called “wash-out effect”.  The absolute uniqueness of this method is that it creates products without emulsifiers. Conventional emulsifiers have the disadvantage that they accumulate in the epidermis and can force the skin’s own lipids to dissolve. This wash-out effect disturbs the protective barrier in the stratum corneum and leads to skin dehydration.

The products of the Porcelain Face Secret 2 line are made using natural substances that are similar in their combination to substances within the skin. In this way, this line addresses the natural needs of skin.  Furthermore, the Porcelain Face Secret 2 products are packed in airless packaging, which helps to preserve the natural ingredients for a long time despite forgoing the use of chemical preserving agents. 

Porcelain Face Line 2- Cleansing

  • Purifying Gel
  • Purifying Tonic

Porcelain Face Line 2- Creams

  • Prevention Cream
  • Preserving Cream
  • Supporting Cream

Porcelain Face Line 2- Serums

  • Restoring Serum
  • Revitalizing Serum
  • Hyaluron Serum
  • Intensive Trinity Serum