What happens when a new generation brings new ideas into a family business that has  a long experience with cosmetics and medical ingredients? The result is the exclusive skincare brand FarFor Princess® (rus. “porcelain princess”) that stands on the borderline between art and science.

* Unique Inspiration

Inspired by porcelain production where science and art are closely linked to each other, the brand FarFor Princess® brings together the ideas from the worlds of fine art and medicine to showcase the female faces and bodies as the masterpieces that they are.

Porcelain is associated not only with perfect beauty, this material is both: extremely strong and fragile at the same time. Although women are enjoying their independence and demonstrating their strength in the 21st century, they, as all humans, still have their fragile qualities. Our beauty is one of these fragilities that requires special treatment and care. FarFor Princess® is a brand that develops unique skincare products to take care of fragile female beauty in a very individual way. Since every woman is an individual and has her own ideal of beauty, FarFor Princess® does not impose certain aesthetic canon but rather helps every woman to reach her own ideal of perfect beauty.

* A scientific Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art):

The creation of a unique skincare total work of art out of rare and highly innovative ingredients using new and complex and novel production methods is central to FarFor Princess®’ philosophy of not merely creating a skincare but rather a scientific and aesthetic Gesamtkunstwerk. FarFor Princess® concentrates on niche products that are revolutionary in both their production method as well as their combination of ingredients. Exclusive skincare concepts are created in a harmonic way, so that they complete each other to maximize their effects. By making highly effective innovations accessible to the consumer that due to their expensiveness and complexity would remain unknown otherwise, FarFor Princess® acts as pioneer in cosmetic.

* Exclusive masterpiece

Due to the long experience in the field of cosmetic and medical ingredients business, FarFor Princess® places enormous attention and applies highest criteria to the selection of their ingredients.

Due to complexity of production and to keep quality and effectiveness of the products, the FarFor Princess® cosmetic masterpieces are produced only in limited editions and packed into airless packaging that ensures hygienic and long use of the products forgoing the use of chemical preserving agents.

All FarFor Princess® products undergo dermatological tests and are produced under EU cosmetic standards