Innovation:  Ingredients combination (17β-O-Acetyl-4-Hydroxy-Androsten-3-on and Phytosterols) (17-Aha + Ph)

The face skincare line Porcelain Face Secret 1 by FarFor Princess helps to reach the ideal of a porcelain smooth skin. The line Porcelain Face Secret 1 is centred around the innovative substance combination (17β-O-Acetyl-4-Hydroxy-Androsten-3-on and Phytosterols), whose anti-aging effects, such as reduction of the wrinkles’ depth, was certified by a clinical study* of conducted by the Dermatest –Research Institute for Reliable Results in Munster.

This anti-aging combination in the FarFor Princess products from the Porcelain Face Secret 1 line helps to tighten the skin in innovative way, augment its elasticity and to strengthen its connective tissue.

All products in this line are created in such a way that they are not only complement each other but also augment each other’s effectiveness.

Porcelain Face Line 1-Cleansing

  • Cleansing Milk
  • Cleansing Tonic
  • Fruit acid enzyme Peeling

Porcelain Face Line 1- Mask

  • Porcelan Face Mask

Porcelain Face Line 1- Creams

  • Refirming Day Cream
  • Intensive Refirming Day Cream
  • Intensive Refirming Eyes Cream
  • Intensive Refirming Night Cream

Porcelain Face Line 1- Serums

  • Refining Serum

 *approved by Dermatest GmbH (Research Institute for Reliable Results) in Münster (19.01.2009; 18.02.2011)