17-AHA+ Phytosterole

The effectiveneness of the innovative ingredients‘ combination (17β-O-Acetyl-4-Hydroxy-Androsten-3-on und Phytosterolen) was tested measuring its effect on the increase of skin elasticity and the reduction of wrinkles‘ depth and fat lobuli in clinical studies* conducted by Dermatest (Research Institute for Reliable Results) in Munster.

In combination with the components in other FarFor Princess® products, this ingredient addresses various skin problems such as wrinkles, aging, cellulite and stretch marks in a very individual way.

After 12 weeks of clinical studies, 3D skin measurements have shown that the depth of wrinkles reduced by 35,5 %, the skin elasticity has augmented by 19,34 % and the fat lobuli area of the cellulite has reduced by 37,28 %. 

 *approved by Dermatest GmbH (Research Institute for Reliable Results) in Münster (19.01.2009; 18.02.2011)