Porcelain Face Line 1- Mask

The mask for a porcelain smooth skin

FaceSecret 1 Mask   

Porcelain Face Mask

Porcelain was used centuries ago as medicine in Asia and in Europe. By using absorbing qualities of kaolin, princes and kings have protected themselves from poison. Although the detoxifying qualities of kaolin are already known in cosmetics, however other important and useful porcelain ingredients have been neglected in the skincare. The Porcelain Face Mask is a special mask which uses other porcelain ingredients such as silic acid and bamboo extracts with natural silica effects in addition to kaolin. These optimally concerted active substances provide intensive purification and detoxification of the skin. Together with panthenol and vitamin B3, the ingredients provide inflammatory effect. The additional combination of hyaluronic acid, silk protein and Korean ginseng extract gently and richly nourish the skin and help to achieve the smooth porcelain complexion.  After the application of the mask, the skin looks delicate and radiant.

Application: Apply the mask on a clean face for 25-30 minutes, then remove it using warm water.